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2021 Print & Packaging Design Trends

Updated: May 6, 2021

After the decade that was 2020, consumers are looking for something new when it comes to print and packaging. In this post, we will cover some of the trends that will be influencing the market in 2021 and how you can incorporate these design elements into your own brand. This will help ensure that your company stands out on dispensary shelves.

Here are 4 print styles that will be trending this year:

Sustainable Packaging

Sustainability has long been a popular choice, especially among cannabis and CBD consumers, but this year it will see even more growth. People will gravitate to products with less packaging waste and that are made from recyclable or reusable materials. Hemp paper is a great alternative to traditional paper when it comes to your packaging. Not only is it eco-friendly but it supports others in the hemp industry.


Bright colors will be shining through this year. In the past, colors that look vibrant and bright on your phone or computer monitor may not have translated well when printed out. However, thanks to digital print advancements colors are popping right off the page (or box). Be prepared to see brighter colors on everything from concentrate and tincture boxes to pre-roll and flower jar labels.


This year will be all about the feeling! Adding texture to your packaging and other print collateral adds depth and creates a connection between your packaging (and ultimately your product) and the consumer. This is because it stimulates two senses at once - sight and touch. There are many options to add texture including different types of paper, laminate finishes, raised varnish, and more.


We have said in a previous blog post how packaging featuring foil attracted shopper's attention 1.5x faster and held it longer than other packaging. This year the trend will continue as consumers are looking for a luxurious feeling of treating themselves after the craziness that was 2020. While foil adds this expensive look it doesn't have to bust your budget to add it to your packaging. Specialized print techniques allow foil to be added without the need for costly dies.

While we cannot predict what exactly 2021 has in plan for the world, so far things are looking up for the cannabis and CBD industry. More and more states are introducing legislation and we are making strides to one day make it to federal legalization. Until then, make sure that your product stands out by staying abreast of print and design trends.

Looking for a print partner that specializes in cannabis and CBD packaging so that you can implement these emerging trends? Give a shout at, give us a call at 844.226.4653, or slide into our DM's on social media @goldleafpackaging.

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