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Cannabis Packaging FAQ
Don't see your cannabis packaging questions listed? Use the button below to ask us directly!


Packaging and branding can be confusing. Having a team of expert printers (some with over 30 years experience), means we've had our fair share of learning opportunities. That's why we've developed an FAQs page to help.
These cannabis packaging FAQs include real questions from people just like you. And, through each question, project, job, and client, our account executives have been there to help our clients every step of the way.

  • What makes GoldLeaf Print & Packaging different?
    GoldLeaf Print & Packaging specializes in using digital print technology to create packaging in the cannabis industry. How does this affect our clients? As a US based printer, this means we can create boxes with no tariffs, low minimum order quantities, and quick turnaround times⁠—often in just a few short weeks⁠. And, with our digital foil and varnish embellishment capabilities, it eliminates the need for foil dies⁠—saving hundreds of dollars.
  • How do I find a cannabis packaging company?
    If you've made it to our FAQs page, you've probablly already completed step 1—searching Google. Step 2- Next, it's important to understand what goal you want to accomplish by hiring a cannabis packaging company. Make sure the printing company you choose reflects those values. For example, at GoldLeaf Print & Packaging, we want to provide customized cannabis packaging that protects your jars, cannisters, or other products. If that describes you, let's chat. Step 3- Consider the bigger picture. Make sure the company you're interested in partnering with can scale with your business. It can be very time consuming using multiple vendors. Consider a single-source solution such as GoldLeaf Print & Packaging that can handle everything from boxes and stickers to promotional items and direct mail campaigns. Step 4- Request Samples. Your printed products and packaging is an extension of your brand. Therefore, it's a decision that should be thought out. Be sure the quality of what you're purchasing matches all your brand's quality standards. Step 5- Compile your options and make a decision. Step 6- Send art files to your chosen printer. If you opted for a single-source solution like mentioned in step three, they often have graphic designers that can help create packaging designs, logos, or other collateral. Or, if you already have print-ready files, ask your cannabis packaging company the best method for delivering.
  • How do I find a cannabis packaging designer?
    As your single-source solution, we offer additional services that contribute toward that mindset. One of our most popular being graphic design. Our award-winning team of highly trained, professional designers at the ready to push your brand to it’s full potential. From logo design, to packaging & labels, our in-house design boutique can develop any and all products necessary to expand your business’ beauty and success. Leave your vision and aesthetic dreams up to us, so you can focus your time on expanding your organization.
  • How much does packaging cost?
    Packaging prices can vary based on size, die costs, and embellishment options. Contact one of our sales reps to get an estimate, or visit our Custom Boxes page to get more information.
  • Can I order samples?
    Yes. We understand packaging is a huge component to branding and it can sometimes help to get a hard copy of your design before deciding to make a large order. To give our clients peace of mind, we offer samples starting at $150. And, if you choose to print with us, that sample fee will be credited back to your account.
  • How long does it take to have packaging in-hands?
    All our box packaging is printed domestically in the US—meaning we can offer quicker turnaround times than our competitors—often in as little as a couple weeks.
  • Is there an option to purchase rush ordering?
    Yes. We are happy to work with all of our clients to meet deadlines. If you're needing a rush order, please notify your brand specialist at the beginning of the project. *Additional charges apply.
  • How do I prepare my files for print?
    To prepare your files for print, please contact one of our sales team members. For more hands-on help, our on-staff graphic designers can do everything from adding crop marks and bleeds to full product design and branding.
  • When is my order scheduled to arrive?
    All orders are shipped with FedEx tracking. If you've been notified by your account executive your order has been completed and is on its way, please respond back requesting your unique tracking number.
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