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Marketing Asset Management
Everything DigiFLO offers can be tailored to your organizational needs!


Companies with multiple locations, SKUs, or even sales reps, understand keeping things organized is critical to the business's success. To help, we offer DigiFLO—one of the only marketing asset management platforms that can be customized specifically for the cannabis market. 

DigiFLO User Management Icon

User Management

DigiFLO helps your organization manage the expense of print collateral while providing support to solve problems affecting the print process. With our secure web based platform, your employees can access our system 24 hours a day from any mobile or desktop device.

Brand Management

DigiFLO protects your brand. Your brand does not become altered or misunderstood. Rather, the use of DigiFLO assures your organization the same look and feel is delivered every time. DigiFLO provides automation of field collateral requests, which benefits an organization with a better equipped, and productive sales force- more time selling.

DigiFLO Brand Management Icon
DigiFLO Inventory Management Icon

Inventory Management

With all of your print collateral and documents in one place, you have a powerful platform. Users are able to see inventory levels in real time, which reduces the possibility of running out of critical pieces used by the field. Thresholds are established for decision makers to amend or reprint critical pieces. Notifications are executed upon an inventory item breaking this threshold.

Approval Routing

DigiFLO provides communication governance (up to 7 levels), and approval for critical marketing collateral. Once a user places an order, an approval notification can be sent throughout the platform to both power and super user levels. Business rules can be wrapped around the process. You decide! These rules can include budget constraints, specific order amounts, regional subdivision, proof review routing, specific product approval requirement, and more.

DigiFLO Approval Routing Icon
DigiFLO Comprehensive Reporting Icon

Comprehensive Reporting

At its core, DigiFLO enables your organization to turn an unmanageable expense, into a manageable one. With the standard reports found in DigiFLO, you can review Expense by User, Expense by Product, and Expense by Location. Each report has drill down capability to view data in real time. All of these reports can be customized based on the date ranges you want to work with.

DigiFLO Chart

Web Based

DigiFLO is a powerful, web-based platform, powered by GoldLeaf, which helps organizations streamline how printed materials and marketing collateral are distributed to a variety of locations.

DigiFLO Welcome Screen
DigiFLO Collateral Screen

Collateral Control

With DigiFLO, you no longer have to worry about the execution of collateral
orders from representatives with your organization. Your specific business rules will automate your workflow. All new collateral launches are made effortless. Ever-changing documents can be updated in real time. As a result, your entire company stays on the same page with your brand message and identity.

Management and reports

DigiFLO’s five key features are User Management, Brand Management, Inventory
Management, Approval Routing, and Comprehensive Reporting, Organizational
control of access ensures that the field is always using the correct tools while the company stays focused on top-priority projects.

DigiFLO Management Screen

See how it works!

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