Companies with multiple locations, SKUs, or even sales reps, understand keeping things organized is critical to the business's success. To help, we offer DigiFLO—one of the only marketing asset management platforms that can be customized specifically for the cannabis market. 

How does it work? 




Everything DigiFLO offers can be tailored to a specific organization. 


Below is a chart that illustrates how DigiFLO houses all of a company's marketing collateral and serves as the central hub for ordering, printing, inventory, and fulfillment. 

Marketing Asset Management DigiFLO

protect your brand


With multiple locations and different people ordering the collateral, it can be tricky to ensure your brand's standards are being met every time. All it takes is one person creating their own business card or misusing a logo to create a pattern of disconnect brand identity. 

To prevent this, business rules are set by leaders or key stakeholders within a company. These rules can be as general as mandating all orders are approved by an authorized user before they are processed to the specific formatting of phone numbers on a business card (dots vs. dashes).

Everything we print is created using your templates and brand standards. 

Automate with Templates (1).jpg

automate your collateral


This technology also allows our clients to automate certain aspects of their supply chain. 

Need compliance labels? 

Once we have your label template built into the platform, simply tell us what fields will have the need to be edited in the future. Some of the most popular fields include THC and CBD content percentages, batch numbers, and other regulatory information that changes after lab results have been received.


Check out the video below to see just how easy it is!

Speaking of supply chain...

It can often be beneficial to order quantities in bulk. The principle of economies of scale gives buyers a higher quantity at a lower price per item. It might seem like magic, but it's possible because of the costs associated with dies and start-up costs. The problem many businesses have with pursuing these savings is storage. It not only costs to store items, but you have to have enough space to do so.

Using DigiFLO as the backbone of our warehousing and fulfillment system, clients can purchase promotional products or printed materials that they routinely order in higher quantities and we will store them in our warehouse. When you place an order for that item, we will pull it from the shelves and ship it directly to your door. At any time, you can log into DigiFLO and see how many are left. Then when that number approaches 0, you'll receive an alert. Simply re-order and it's business as normal—all without leaving the DigiFLO platform. 


Pretty cool, huh? 


We know all these options might be a lot to take in. And, since the platform is highly customizable, you might be wondering if we can support a certain situation. If that's the case, let's chat.