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© 2019 Gold Leaf Print & Packaging operates in full compliance with all applicable state and local laws. is not a dispensary and does not sell Marijuana. is a service that helps cannabis investors and entrepreneurs to design, brand, print and create compliant approved packaging for the cannabis industry worldwide. Gold Leaf Print & Packaging does not carry or handle any Marijuana products, only provides the packaging to contain the products.


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about us

Our goal is to make things easier for our clients. To do this, we serve as the single-source solution for all printed materials businesses in the cannabis market might need.


What does this mean?

Whether our clients need packaging, business cards, catalogs, magnets, stickers, labels, promotional products (like t-shirts, silicone pipes, grinders, etc.), or anything that has to run through a printer, we've got them covered.

This one-stop-shop model allows growers and farmers to focus their attention on crafting the perfect product, while we handle the rest. And, instead of trying to coordinate with multiple vendors and designers, all order information will come from one account executive—simple and efficient.

What sets us apart?

We pride ourselves on being one of the few printers in the U.S. that has expertise in the cannabis market and the ability to print foil and varnish directly to packaging. This unique combination allows us to give our customers high-quality products and unparalleled customer service.


Using the latest in print technology, our DigiLAB creates and designs stunning visuals, printed pieces, and packaging—all while fulfilling orders right here in the US. These methods reduce the amount of time our customers spend waiting on their packaging and save money on transportation costs and tariffs. 


We realize that seeing is believing, so to see how our products can help you be more effective in retail environments, contact us today for a free sample of what we can do for your brand.




what makes us gold


We are a technology driven company with innovation ideas and implementation


No-die digital foil and jet varnishing embellishments to add texture and catch the eye


Personalized web storefronts for marketing asset management and automated compliance labels 


Speedy printing and turn-around times compared to our competitors


Competitive pricing and shorter runs best serve our mid to large size clients


In-house designers can help create captivating designs using our latest technology


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