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Primary Packaging
Not only do we print custom packaging
in house, but we also sell primary packaging!

Our primary packaging options include a wide range of jars and tubes of different sizes to fit your needs. Also, we can apply your custom labels to the packaging to speed up our distribution process! That’s right! Everything is done in house from primary packaging, custom labels, custom boxes, and application! The best part - we are in the United States! Our in-house production will speed up turnaround time and save you money with no tariffs! Need something that you don’t, see? Reach out to us because we are not limited to what is shown! We have new products coming in every day to better serve your needs! Shop products directly here

Glass Jars and Tubes
Glass Jars and Tubes


GoldLeaf offers a large variety of glass options to choose from and delivery of final products straight to your door step. We can fit any and all of your product needs, from flower jars to glass joint tubes - the customization is positively endless!

Pop Tops

Who doesn’t love that crisp “POP” sound when you open your product and are flooded with those fresh smells? With a plethora of colors and sizes to choose from, our labeling capabilities, and delivery straight to your door, you can just pop the top and drop your product in these finished tubes.

Pop Tops
Stand Up Pouch

Stand up pouch

The standup pouch market is growing daily, due to it’s thin, flat shape optimizing shelf space. With GoldLeaf, you can take your pouch to the next level. With a wide range of materials and customizable sizes, we can guarantee that your product stays fresh until opened.

Shop Now!

For real! Purchase your primary packaging and custom labels, boxes, and more directly from our shop site! There is also an option to purchase design time to bring your product to life! Here at GoldLeaf we are working hard to simplify your packaging process and get your products to the shelves quicker while still blowing your competitors out of the water!

Gold Leaf Packaging
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