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Printing for the Planet: Leading the Way in Sustainable Printing

In the spirit of Earth Day, we at GoldLeaf Print & Packaging are thrilled to share the strides we've made in our sustainability journey through our partnership with PrintReleaf . Our commitment to the environment goes beyond mere words; it's reflected in our actions and the positive impact we've achieved. 

PrintReleaf is a pioneering initiative that transforms paper usage into tangible reforestation efforts. By measuring a company's paper consumption, PrintReleaf calculates the number of trees needed to offset this impact.

Through partnerships with certified reforestation projects worldwide, they ensure that every tree is planted and cared for. This not only combats deforestation but also supports biodiversity and local communities. 

PrintReleaf provides transparent tracking and certification, allowing businesses to see the environmental impact of their efforts in real-time. Their innovative approach bridges the gap between paper usage and sustainability, making it easier for companies to contribute to a greener planet. 

Since joining forces with PrintReleaf in May 2021, GoldLeaf Packaging customers have collectively offset an impressive 2.03 million pounds of paper consumption. This equates to the reforestation of 24.4K trees! Our contributions have reached reforestation projects in diverse locations such as Mendocino, California; Torce, France; Madagascar; and the Dominican Republic, underscoring our global commitment to environmental conservation. 

As a leading printer and manufacturer of paper packaging, we recognize the responsibility we hold to minimize our ecological footprint. Our partnership with PrintReleaf exemplifies this commitment, allowing us to make a tangible difference by replenishing forests and mitigating the environmental impact of paper consumption. 

Eco-Friendly Hemp-Paper

In addition to our reforestation efforts, we offer an eco hemp-paper option for our print material and paper boxes. As we explained in our previous paper guide, hemp paper is not only sustainable but also offers excellent quality and durability. Made from environmentally friendly hemp fibers, this recycled paper is an eco-conscious choice for environmentally conscious brands looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

By incorporating hemp into our product offerings, we aim to provide our customers with environmentally-friendly alternatives without compromising on quality or aesthetics.


Debunking Myths: Foil Stamping and Recyclability 

One common concern in the printing industry is the recyclability of foil stamping and varnish. We understand these concerns and want to address them head-on. 

Recent research by Georgia Tech and the Foil Stamping & Embossing Association (FSEA) has confirmed that ]oil stamping is not only beautiful but also recyclable, compostable, and repulpable. This study, supported by the American Forest & Paper Association’s (AF&PA) Design Guidance for Recyclability of Paper-based Packaging, validates the sustainability of foil-decorated paper and paperboard. 

The advancements in recycling technology have made it easier than ever to recycle these paper products. The thinness of the printed foil allows it to dissolve during the repulping process, making it as recyclable as regular ink. 

After use, foil-stamped products can simply be tossed into recycling bins, where they will undergo the standard recycling process. The paper and paperboard are mixed with water to form a pulp, which is then pressed, dried, and rolled out into new sheets of paper. It's that simple! 

The Importance of FSC-Certified Paper

FSC-Certified Paper has gained momentum in recent years, showcasing a growing commitment to sustainability among businesses and consumers alike. Certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), this paper comes from forests meeting strict environmental, social, and economic standards.

Why FSC-Certified Paper Matters:

  • Environmental Responsibility: Sourced sustainably, FSC-certified paper ensures biodiversity preservation, waterway protection, and healthy ecosystems.

  • Social Benefits: FSC certification champions the rights of indigenous peoples, fair labor, and community engagement in forest regions, promoting social equity and empowerment.

  • Economic Viability: Choosing FSC-certified paper supports long-term economic stability for forest resources and communities, fostering resilience and responsible forest management.

This growing preference for FSC-certified paper signifies a global shift towards sustainability in the paper and packaging industry. For a deeper dive into the topic, check out our previous blog post that delves into FSC-certified paper in detail.

Opting for FSC-certified products, like those from GoldLeaf Packaging, allows businesses and consumers to positively impact forests, communities, and our planet.

Our Continued Commitment 

At GoldLeaf Print & Packaging, sustainability is deeply ingrained in our operations and values. Through our partnership with PrintReleaf our eco hemp-paper option, and our commitment to recyclable foil stamping, we strive to make meaningful contributions to environmental conservation while offering sustainable packaging solutions to our customers. 

You value sustainability and responsible business practices, and we are here to support your journey towards a more eco-conscious business model.  

To get started, contact us today at (844) 226-4653 or book a meeting directly with a Specialist




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