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Cannabis blog


Blogs are a convenient way to get information about a variety of topics in one easy-to-access place. And, since the cannabis industry is a seemingly ever-changing space, we decided to create Leaflet—a cannabis blog about packaging, branding, and marketing in the cannabis space. 

From this cannabis blog, you can expect to find a new article once a month. Topics will range from industry updates to helpful tips and tricks. Plus, if you decided to subscribe to our cannabis blog, you'll get 10% your first order and 1 hour of free design time (up to a $75 value)! To sign up, enter your name and email in the contact form located in the footer. 

Ready to see what our cannabis blog is all about? Click one of the boxes below to read about each topic in greater detail. Or, to sort by topic, use the navigation just above the photo blocks.

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