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Exploring Child-Resistant Packaging: Your Ultimate Guide 

Child-resistant packaging is a crucial aspect of product safety, particularly in industries like cannabis where the protection of minors is paramount. In the United States, stringent laws and regulations govern the packaging of various products, especially those that could pose a risk to children if not properly secured.

In this blog post, we'll delve into the history, legal framework, and options available for child-resistant packaging, with a focus on GoldLeaf Print & Packaging's innovative solutions.  

A Brief History and Legal Framework 

The history of child-resistant packaging goes back to the 1960s when concerns about accidental poisonings among children led to the introduction of safety measures. In response to these concerns, the Poison Prevention Packaging Act (PPPA) was passed in 1970, mandating child-resistant packaging for certain household substances and medications. 

Over the years, the scope of the PPPA expanded to include other potentially hazardous items, including certain cannabis products. In the cannabis industry, child-resistant packaging is not only a legal requirement but also a moral obligation to safeguard children from accidental ingestion of cannabis-infused products. 

In the United States, child-resistant packaging laws for cannabis products are outlined in the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Title 16, Part 1700.20. These regulations specify the standards and testing protocols that packaging must meet to be deemed child-resistant.  

GoldLeaf Print & Packaging's Innovative Solutions 

GoldLeaf Print & Packaging offers two innovative types of child-resistant packaging: Pinch-N-Pull and Push Tab, each designed to meet the highest safety standards while also offering a touch of elegance and functionality.  

1. Pinch-N-Pull Child-Resistant Packaging 

The Pinch-N-Pull mechanism is designed for easy yet secure opening by adults while remaining resistant to children's attempts to access the contents.  

Here's what makes it stand out: 

User-Friendly Assembly: Whether you prefer pre-assembled or assemble-on-site options, GoldLeaf has you covered. 

Customization Galore: Choose from a variety of varnishes, foils, and coatings, including matte, gloss, and velvet touch, to give your packaging a luxurious touch. 

Sustainable Choices: GoldLeaf offers the option of eco-friendly hemp paper, aligning with your commitment to environmental stewardship. 

Quick Assembly: With assembly times under a minute, convenience meets safety seamlessly. 

Tailored Inserts: GoldLeaf can craft custom inserts to perfectly fit your product dimensions, ensuring both protection and presentation. 

Point of Sale (POS) Boxes: Additionally, GoldLeaf provides options for POS boxes, making it easy to display your products attractively in retail settings. 

2. Push Tab Child-Resistant Packaging 

The Push Tab mechanism offers another intuitive solution for child-resistant packaging that utilizes only paper, aligning with sustainable practices and reducing environmental impact. 

Here's some key features: 

Simple Setup: Assembly is a breeze, with only the insert box requiring assembly. 

Customization Galore: Choose from a variety of varnishes, foils, and coatings, including matte, gloss, and velvet touch, to give your packaging a luxurious touch.  

Sustainable Options: Opt for hemp paper to further demonstrate your dedication to sustainability. 

Flexibility in Design: Maximize your branding potential with ample design space to make your product shine. 

Accessible Orders: With a 1000-piece minimum order, quality child-resistant packaging is within reach for businesses of all sizes. 

Tailored Inserts: Just like with the Pinch-N-Pull, GoldLeaf can create custom inserts to ensure a snug fit for your product. 

Point of Sale (POS) Boxes: Similarly, GoldLeaf offers POS boxes for the Push Tab packaging, facilitating eye-catching product displays in retail environments. 


Available Sizes and Options 

GoldLeaf Print & Packaging offers a variety of sizes and configurations for both Pinch-N-Pull and Push Tab boxes, catering to different product types and quantities. Whether you're packaging cartridges, pre-rolls, or vape pens, there's a child-resistant solution tailored to your needs. 



Child-resistant packaging isn't just about compliance—it's about prioritizing safety and responsibility. GoldLeaf Print & Packaging's solutions combine functionality, sustainability, and aesthetic appeal to elevate your product packaging while keeping it secure. With a friendly team ready to assist and customizable options to suit your unique requirements, GoldLeaf is your partner in ensuring your products are safe and standout on the shelf. Contact us for a free quote.



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