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How Cannabis Packaging Affects Sales

The CBD and Cannabis world is continually growing, and every day there are new products/companies being introduced and added to shelves providing endless options for the consumer. Considering that shoppers spend, on average, 27 seconds deciding which product they should buy. Those few precious seconds are spent comparing the packaging of your product against your competitors. While you may have the superior product, if the packaging is not eye-catching chances are that the shopper will choose the other brand.

A great product will gain you customer loyalty, but great packaging will gain you new customers.

At Gold Leaf Print & Packaging, we know how important packaging is to the buying experience. We have won multiple industry awards for our work. Here are a few points we have learned over the years that lead to packaging success.

Embellishments A study from 2017 conducted by the Foil & Specialty Effects Association showed that packaging featuring foil and varnish designs attracted shopper’s attention 1.5x faster, and held it longer, than other non-embellished packaging. It may be something as simple as adding foil to your logo or varnish to create depth and texture – the way to use specialty embellishments is almost endless. In the past to add these effects would mean that you would have to purchase expensive custom dies. This made the process very expensive and thus out of reach for most brands. Luckily, this is no longer the case. Print technology now exists where adding embellishments can be done without these dies so embellishments can be used on low quantity prints and at an affordable cost. Gold Leaf is one of the only companies in North America that owns two of these specialty printers and can complete this process in-house.

Compliance/Functionality When it comes to functionality, packaging in the CBD and Cannabis industry have unique requirements that must be met in order to stay compliant. Every state has different rules for warnings, child-resistance, and other necessities. You also have to protect the actual product from being damaged from light, moisture, and air. It may seem difficult to stand out when there are so many restrictions, but you can look at utilizing different materials like hemp paper/plastic, wood, glass, etc. Look for the latest CR options like Gold Leaf’s new patent-pending design. You may consider adding another use to your package by adding a feature such as a place to store a lighter with your pre-roll box. The most important thing is that it is functional. Many times, it makes the most sense to use a simple or classic style to package your product and this is when you can use the graphics on the box to really stand out.

Design To really capture people’s attention your packaging must have a great visual design. This is what catches the shopper’s eye and tells the story of your brand and company. In order to accomplish effective design, you first must know what you would like to convey. A clean and simple design can read as luxurious and sophisticated, while a bright pattern will evoke emotion and a sense of fun. Once again, within the CBD and Cannabis market, this can be challenging because of legal requirements. That is why when deciding on what design to go with it is best to have an experienced graphic designer (with experience designing specifically for CBD and Cannabis) on your side. The award-winning graphic designers at Gold Leaf have worked with hundreds of different cannabis and CBD companies and understand the warnings and icons that are required on packaging and how to build them into a cohesive design.

Quality Finally, you must consider quality. If your packaging looks or feels cheap then the consumer will assume your product is of the same quality. Using a print partner with access to the latest in print technology, assures that your labels, boxes, and other packaging materials have a polished and professional look. Using quality materials like premium heavyweight paper or, as mentioned earlier, unique materials like wood or glass help convey that your product is high-end. Consumers have been shown to purchasing, and spending more, on a product because of its premium packaging.

These are just a few of the things to consider about your packaging. When you choose to invest in your packaging, your ROI will be well worth it. Having a print and packaging expert help will make choosing what is best for your product and brand easier. At Gold Leaf Print & Packaging we are not only experts in the cannabis/CBD industry, but we are also a one-source solution. Our marketing specialist will help you decide on what your needs are, our in-house design team can create a unique and eye-catching design, and we print and produce all of our products in house.

Give us a call at 1.844.226.4653 or email to talk to a representative about how we can work for you.


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