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How can standardized cannabis packaging save you money?

Updated: Oct 28, 2019

When you hear “standardized cannabis packaging,” you might find yourself thinking about plain white boxes, a store shelf with hundreds of products yet seemingly none stand out, or low-quality generic goods and services. If you imagined one of the things listed (or something similar), it’s probably something you would not want your brand associated with. We’re here to help you reimagine the possibilities of standardized packaging and what it can do for your cannabis brand.

Every year, companies spend billions of dollars to ensure their customers are getting “on brand” experiences. Concerning packaging, this means that brands offering premium goods and services have shelf-appeal that connects their buyers to feelings of being top-of-the-line, premier, and exclusive. Something every brand should want, right? Not necessarily.

For some brands, this is perfect. Take YETI, for example. Other companies offer just as good (some studies argue better) products, but time and time again their audience decides to buy a YETI. This branding is possible because they have created a culture around their brand that people pay to be a part of. Although this approach might be perfect for YETI, not all brands choose this path—some prefer to offer low-cost options, others appeal to a middle-of-the-road market. Whatever pricing model you implement, your branding needs to reflect. And this is where standardized cannabis packaging can come into play.

Through best practice research and product development, we have created standardized packaging options specifically for the CBD and cannabis market.

Why Standardize?

Concentrate, tincture, flower, pre-roll, and vape are some of the most popular products on the market. Moreover, each of these types of cannabis is sold according to a unified measurement (mL, oz., etc.). This behavior creates a natural order to standardize—giving both businesses and customers benefits such as:

1) Eliminating die costs

Depending on how complex your customized box is, you could end up spending thousands of dollars on dies. Our unique processes eliminate die expenses on up to three accounts—the first being the die cut. Since we already own the die to all of our standardized boxes, we pass those savings on to our clients. Second, for a more premium look, we can use digital print technology to apply raised foil and varnish embellishments without any dies.

Last, but perhaps the most costly, is the die required to create plastic mold injections. Products sold in blister packs require a plastic casing (such as the one pictured below) that covers the exterior of the product yet allows the customer is see through it. These dies can cost anywhere up to $12,000! Below is an image that illustrates the die costs that can drastically impact a job. However, clients who choose one of our in-stock options will not have to pay these die costs.

blister packaging with gold foil

2) Time is money

Without proper packaging, cannabis products cannot be sold in stores. And, while this may seem relatively harmless, it dramatically impacts a company’s bottom line. From automating your compliance label process to box design and printing, our standardized packaging is designed to help our clients bring their product to market quicker (without sacrificing quality).

3) Research and Development

“Failure is success if we learn from it.”

- Malcolm Forbes

Through our experience, we have spent a considerable amount of time and resources to curate a lineup of standardized boxes—of which are multi-functional and can be customized with your branding. Some of the things we take into consideration include:

· Type of bottom flap (auto-lock, standard, etc.)

· Paper weight that maximizes durability and cost-effectiveness

· How customers interact with the packaging before opening

· Best practices for displaying products in store

· Selecting adhesive that properly binds the box (even when shipping to warmer climates)

· And more!

4) Surprise!

Unlike the kind of birthday parties, surprises in business are not always a good thing. Generally, they can be synonymous with added costs. By selecting one of our standardized packaging options, you reduce the chance of costly surprises because we have run the products before and know what to expect.

Furthermore, with our in-house warehousing capabilities, we can keep track of the supplies we have in the shop and are immediately available to our clients.

Standard doesn’t have to be boring. With our state-of-the-art technology, we help clients achieve high levels of customization while working within a budget. Whether you’re looking for a top-of-the-line customized box or something with a little more bang for your buck, we can be your one-stop, total solution shop.



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