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National Cannabis Gummie Day is Here!

2020 has been a doozie, to say the least. But one good thing that 2020 has brought us is the first-ever National Cannabis Gummie Day! This awesome holiday is happening today, November 19th, and will be celebrated on the third Thursday in November every year.

CBD and Cannabis Gummie Packaging
Some of the Gummie Packaging Printed by Gold Leaf Print & Packaging.

In the press release about this exciting day, co-founders Jason Turner and Nancy Whiteman spoke about why they decided on creating a day dedicated to humble gummie.

“Gummies are a natural product that have a profoundly positive physical and emotional impact for so many people. We founded National Cannabis Gummie Day to celebrate the gummie and expose more people to these amazing products that may be so beneficial to them,” said Jason Turner, co-founder and CMO, Three Wells. “On Thursday, Nov. 19, we will recognize the humble cannabis gummie for the true juggernaut it has become,” said Nancy Whiteman, CEO, Wana Brands. "From ratios and classes to onset times and duration, [...] we know how much consumers not only enjoy them but have come to count on them as a part of their daily wellness routine.”

The founders also held a contest where fans of the chewy edible could submit videos about why they loved gummies. And according to research from BDSA there are a lot of fans of this yummy treat. Gummie sales are on the rise and their data shows that gummie candies are the most popular edible consumed in the US and Canada.

Cannabis Gummie Sales Chart
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Why are gummies so popular? The familiarity of these treats plus their variety of flavors, convenience, and lack of health risks that can come from smoking or vaping make them a perfect way to enjoy cannabis. Like all cannabis products, knowledge about dosing and the type of cannabinoid that make up your gummies is key to properly, and responsibly enjoying, the benefits of cannabis.

According to, another source of the continued rise in popularity for cannabis-infused gummies is the "new normal" that has been a result of COVID-19. People are avoiding the traditional "puff, puff, pass" form of sharing cannabis in an effort to social distance and avoid spreading germs.

We would like to wish everyone a safe and happy National Gummie Day!

Have your own brand of cannabis gummies? Contact or give us a call at 844.226.4653 to learn about packaging options including our new certified Child-Resistant Packaging.


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