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Branding with Foil Cannabis Packaging: RIZE Concentrates Case Study

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

How GoldLeaf Packaging’s Raised Foil and Varnish Embellishments Helped Launch a Brand

27 Seconds.

In 27 seconds, you could take a selfie, send a tweet, grab a snack, or make a great first impression.

According to research, Carla Fantoni said, “Shoppers spend on average 27 seconds making a decision in this [an] aisle, which makes shelf appeal incredibly important in capturing relatively disengaged consumers.”

For some brands, especially those working to establish themselves in a growing or overpopulated market, these 27 seconds could be the difference in the success or failure of their brand.

So how do you make the most of your brand’s space on the shelf? Carla suggests, “Brands need to take the time to focus on package quality and design to create packaging that offers a bold, consumer-facing billboard on the shelf.”

Packaging in the cannabis market can seem like an ever-changing game. With legal requirements varying between individual states and more players than ever entering the game, long-term success can quickly become an issue of whoever can get their product to market first. However, this is where people can get stuck. Sometimes with moving pieces, it can be easy to sacrifice quality to get short-term results. However, this “Green Rush” is just the beginning—with years and years of successes and failures ahead—it’s important to think what you want your brand to be in 5-10 years.

Currently, to get cannabis packaging with a low price-per-unit, growers are looking overseas to China. But with tariffs, customs confiscations, high minimum order quantities, and slow shipping, it can end up costing more than it’s worth. For our friends at RIZE Concentrates, that was the case.


A relatively new company of two years understands carrying a legacy like that of Diego Pellicer is a serious task. We spoke with Operations Manager, Chris Alexander, about RIZE Concentrates goals’ and how they use packaging to help achieve them.

From its inception, RIZE Concentrates has been on a mission to help visionaries with high quality products, break into the cannabis industry. With licensing laws allowing manufacturers to share space, RIZE operates a 18,000 sq. ft facility that serves as a hub for their growing business and an incubator for other companies with great ideas.

As one of the company’s first hires, Chris recalls times during the initial branding discussions where team members were excited about the potential a name like RIZE had—RIZE and Grind, On the RIZE, etc. And, with top-tier connoisseurs in mind, they were ready to “RIZE” to the occasion.

While seeing steady growth within the company, Chris quickly began to realize the way they had been producing packaging and labels was no longer going to cut it. Historically, he would go to office supply stores that offered printing services and create labels and cards that his team would manage in-house (pictured on left, below). After about a year of these methods, Chris was contacted by a member of the GoldLeaf Print & Packaging team about how our raised foil printing technology could elevate their print packaging.

After learning more about how raised foil and varnish embellishments activate the customer’s senses, Chris was blown away by the technology. He knew using holographic foil was the next step in bringing RIZE Concentrates’ brand to the forefront of the premium, high-quality, concentrate market. And, once final approval had been given, he only had to wait two weeks before having his new packaging in-hands and ready for product.

With advances in digital print technology, paired with our domestic production, quick turnarounds times were a huge benefit for Chris. Additionally, he added that having accommodating sales reps put GoldLeaf, “beyond what other people were doing.”

Since rolling the packaging out to dispensaries, RIZE Concentrates has seen a shift in the perception of their brand amongst the public—often being told by people who see hundreds of boxes a day, “I can’t wait to get more on the shelves.” and “These are so awesome!” Chris explains that since the change in packaging, more people can see externally the high-quality craftsmanship RIZE associates with, and as a result, demand has actually increased.


New industries, such as cannabis, can have lots of risk. But, with the right branding, you can create a customer experience that makes a memorable impression. Let GoldLeaf Print & Packaging use the latest in digital print technology to create raised foil embellishments that elevate your brand.



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