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How to Wrap Bath Bombs Without Plastic

Plastic, a hot topic in the consumer-packaged goods industry, has become both an ecological and business issue. As a growing number of customers become aware of plastic’s effects on the environment, some companies have opted to get ahead of the curve and offer plastic-free packaging solutions for their products.

While sustainable packaging practices can be applied to any industry, our specialty falls within the CBD market. As such, one of the requests we get from customers is, how to wrap bath bombs without plastic. When done correctly, knowing how to wrap bath bombs without plastic can be easy and only requires a few steps. Given its fragile nature, you will also learn that there are a few things you should be cautious of when choosing to wrap bath bombs without plastic.

Step 1: Measure your bath bomb

To ensure you’re purchasing the right materials, you’ll need to know the height and width of the bath bomb you want to package. Doing this step first will help make things quicker in step two.

Step 2: Find a packaging expert

The benefits of hiring an expert for plastic-free bath bomb packaging is that they work with vendors from all over. This diversity keeps your options open and gives you a variety of eco friendly bath bomb packaging solutions from which you can choose. Whether it’s CBD or standard bath bombs, we can help you create customized packaging for your brand.

Step 3: Choose your options

If you want to work with us, keep reading to learn more about our options and processes. If you’re still looking, be sure to ask the packaging expert you choose about their in-house options. Like any business, printers usually have niches. You’ll want to be sure whoever is creating your eco friendly bath bomb packaging knows what they’re doing.

Exterior Packaging- Build a Box

The exterior part of the plastic free bath bomb packaging is the most crucial. Not only is it one of the first touch points your brand has with a customer, but it’s also what will help you ditch the plastic. If your branding requires a specific shape or specialty box, we can create custom packaging using recyclable paper or cardboard. Or, for a traditional box template, consider our standardized bath bomb box—but don’t worry, it’s far from standard.

Size- Our standardized boxes are offered in a variety of sizes and can be printed with your brand’s logo, colors, or design. When selecting a size, you want to be sure the box is big enough that the sides aren’t bulging but small enough that the bath bomb doesn’t rattle around.

Typically, we find a single bath bomb fits in our box that measures 2.625 (width) x 2.75 (height) x 2.625 (depth). If you’re worried about choosing the right size, be sure to ask your print and packager for their professional opinion.

Paper- To ensure your eco friendly bath bomb packaging protects what’s inside, we recommend a 16pt or higher paperweight. In the event your packaged product is dropped, too thin of a paperweight will fail to keep the bath bomb safe.

Embellishments- Using our digital print technology, we can create plastic-free bath bomb packaging that incorporates raised foil and varnish embellishments. These embellishments create textures that engage the customer’s senses and captivate their attention.

Interior Packaging- Tissue Paper

Next, we recommend wrapping your bath bomb in tissue paper that’s biodegradable and compostable. This step helps keep contents packed tightly together and from rubbing against the sides of the box. Additionally, the tissue helps bring a sense of excitement as the customer opens the packaging to reveal their new purchase.

Step 4: Single-Source Solutions

Depending on what print and packaging expert you choose, you need to ensure you’re accounting for the logistics behind wrapping and packaging the bath bomb boxes. At GoldLeaf, we offer finishing services that will place each bath bomb in the tissue paper, safely wrap it, and pack it into the exterior box. Our single-source solutions ensure your bath bombs arrive ready to hit store shelves.

If you’re doing it yourself, recall the bath bomb size and cut the tissue paper into appropriately sized squares. Then, place the bath bomb in the center and pull the tissue paper toward the top—gathering all sides in one spot. To secure, place a branded sticker on top. And you’re done!

We’re excited to see brands learning how to wrap bath bombs without plastic, but that’s just a small fraction of what we can do. From tincture bottle packaging to vape pen packaging, we’ve developed a curated lineup of paper box packaging for the cannabis market.



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