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Gold Leaf Packaging Featured in Special Embellishment Article

This month, Post Press Magazine published an article on the importance of embellishments on cannabis packaging. Gold Leaf Print & Packing is honored to be one of the amazing printers that were featured in the article. We have written in past blog posts about how embellishments can increase sales and this article, written by Kim Guarnaccia owner of Huzzah Marketing, focuses on the hot printing trend of using gold foil in your design.

Here is an excerpt from Guarnaccia's article:

As more states legalize the use of marijuana, new cannabis customers will be making their first visit to a dispensary to buy cannabis-related products. This can be a daunting experience, but cannabis packaging with a dependable, premium look can help consumers feel more at ease. One element that symbolizes value and permanence is gold, which has forever been linked to the enduring power of the sun, abundance, success, and prosperity. Far-sighted packaging designers already have realized the power of gold and are utilizing gold foils, board, and closures to great effect.

Carton interior reflects gold mining branding

The cannabis company Gold Rush had a two-fold mandate for new packaging for its premium extracts: to maintain the existing brand design and to develop a premium package that reflected the high price point of the extract.
Since the box for the cannabis extract is quite small, designers at Gold Leaf Print & Packaging decided to keep the outside box design understated and concentrate interest on the carton’s interior by applying a bold, full-bleed, gold foil.
“Like an archaeologist digging through rich, dark soil to discover treasure hidden right beneath the surface, the interior implies that the golden cannabis extract is worth its weight in gold,” explained Gold Leaf’s Marketing Manager Stephanie Salvago.
The response from customers was so positive that Gold Rush plans on updating its other cartons in a similar fashion.

You can read the full article here.

If you are interested in adding eye-catching embellishments to your packaging give us a shout at, call us at 844.226.4653, or send us a message on IG @goldleafpackaging.



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