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The container, although an essential aspect of your cannabis packaging, isn't the only thing to consider. The second element to any jar is its label.


Imagine your product on the shelf next to hundreds of other products. If one of your brand-loyal customers is making the purchase, they will know exactly which one is yours by the label. Now, if your product is in the same store, but someone is looking to try something new, the only thing setting you apart is the jar label.


Pro tip: For the ultimate shelf appeal, place your labeled flower jar in an exterior flower box that protects your product from damage and discourages theft. Using our experts and innovative digital print technology, both the jar label and flower box can be printed with raised gold foil and varnish using no dies.


At Gold Leaf Packaging we offer our customers two types of labels—roll and sheet. 


Roll Labels are printed in quantities (of at least 250) and can be applied by hand or using a machine. This method is perfect for companies applying labels on a mass scale. We also trim away any access material surrounding the sticker—reducing peel time during the application process.


The second type of label is Sheet Labels. Sheet Labels are printed flat and have the capability of being run through our MGI printer. This revolutionary technology, paired with our expertise, allows us to print raised foil and varnish on your labels, creating a texture that sets your product apart from the rest.


All labels are printed in-house (in the U.S.) giving us quicker turnaround times than our competitors with no tariffs. 



If you're looking for assistance designing your jar label, flower box, or other cusom cannabis packaging, look no further. We have expert print designers, that understand our capabilities (and can push them further)—ensuring our technology is being fully leveraged to elevate your brand.


If you're ready to start a project or have any questions, simply fill out the form below, and a brand specialist will reach out to assist.



Jar Labels

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