Protect your flower jars with a flower jar box. These flower jar boxes are designed to help protect your product while attracting customers with high-quality designs.


Using MGI print technology and our staff's years of experience, we can customize your flower box with raised foil and varnish that help differentiate your cannabis packaging from the competitors. Our processes allow us to digitally print directly on your cannabis packaging—eliminating the need for costly dies and giving our customers an added option to print on the inside of the box.


Pro Tip: Adding this flower jar box helps protect your product from damage and theft. Additionally, with the added space, you can include compliance or tamper proof labels.



If you already have a design created, our account executives are here to bring your vision to life. However, if you need cannabis packaging design, don't worry. As a single-source solution to many of our clients, we have a team of award-winning designers available to help.


Icing on the Cake

This product is printed in-house (in the U.S.)—allowing us to offer quick turnaround times and no tariffs!

Flower Box

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