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Even with the best packaging, you're not ready to sell until you have compliance labels.


As with any rapidly growing industry, there are rules and regulations for businesses selling in this space. For compliant cannabis packaging, the law states you have to label the CBD and THC content for each batch. Even then, the law is different per type (ex: flower vs. edible) and state.


To keep these compliance labels organized, we offter DigiFLO. This software-as-a-service automation platform allows customers the ability to streamline their compliance label ordering—ultimately speeding up production time.


Traditionally, farms will send a sample out for testing, receive the results, create the label, contact their printer, wait for a proof, and then wait for the finished product to arrive. And, since it's not labeled, all sales of that batch have been on hold.


With our DigiFLO service, the new way of ordering compliance labels goes like this:

1) Receive lab results

2) Log in to the DigiFLO platform

3) Click on one of your companies' customized, pre-designed label templates

4) Type in the new batch %'s

5) Click Submit


Compliance label orders placed through our DigiFLO service have a priority 3-day production + shipping turnaround. And, since you are reviewing and approving the proof online, orders can begin to be processed immediately. 


And, if you're ordering roll labels, they will arrive on the roll with no excess trimming—saving you valuable time and resources during the application process.


Our compliance labels are printed in-house (in the U.S.), eliminating tariffs and long lead times.


As your cannabis packaging experts, we make the resources available for your designer to easily find each state's information—all in one convenient location. Or, if you prefer our team of designers to create your packaging, we are happy to cut through the legal jargon for you.*



If this seems like a lot, don't worry. From determining what packaging options best fits your needs to having the product in hand, our brand specialists are here to help you every step of the way.




*Disclaimer: Our design team will do due diligence in researching local and state laws for the required compliance label. However, final artwork approval is needed by the client and relinquishes Gold Leaf Packaging of any legal ramifications.

Compliance Labels

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