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For in-store convenience and theft prevention, after being placed in a concentrate container, jars housing live resin, shatter, rosin, hash oil, dabs or any other form of concentrate should be placed in exterior concentrate packaging. This concentrate box forms an outer layer of protection and should be customized to display your cannabis branding—using logos, colors, and other embellishments (such as raised foil or varnish) that catch the customer's eye.


Pro Tip: Don't forget to save a spot for the compliance label.As your single-source cannabis packaging company, we offer software that will streamline and automate your compliance label process—often receiving them in as little as five days.



If you don't have a cannabis packaging design, don't worry. Our team of in-house designers can create concentrate packaging options for your brand. With countless hours of print design experience and an understanding of our technology, we can help you take full advantage of our capabilities.


If you have questions that arn't included on our FAQs page or are ready to start a project? Simply fill out the form below, and a dedicated account executive will reach out to assist.

Concentrate Box

    • Final Size: 2.1 in (width) x 1.45 (height) x 2.1 (depth)
      • Standard Folded top and bottom with flaps
    • Available in auto lock bottom
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