Promotional Items

Promotional items are a great way to show your appreciation to current or potential customers. Using our network of vendors, Gold Leaf Packaging has access to thousands of products just waiting for your logo.


From industry-specific products such as rolling trays and grinders to more general items like t-shirts and tote bags, our brand specialists are here to help you create a line-up of perfectly curated items.



Creating a brand that customers can rally behind starts with a product, but quickly expands to something more. Loyal customers want to represent your brand as an extension of themselves.


Using our software-as-a-service, CannaFLO, we can help your farm manage and house promotional and marketing material inventory—giving you the time back to focus on what you do best, growing.


*Important Note: Our asset management system and warehouse service is exclusively for marketing materials, labels, and packaging only. We will not store, sell, or distribute any product containing cannabis.


For full product availability, please fill out the form below, and a brand specialist will reach out to assist.

Promotional Items

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