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Pre rolls have drastically increased in popularity, to the point where they are one of the best selling items in the cannabis industry. As a brand offering a pre-roll, you give customers convenience by removing the process of grinding, measuring, and rolling. Making what once required a multi-step process, now only dependent a lighter. 


If your company has chosen to offer single-pack joints, generally sold in tubes, it should be customized to your brand. To do this, we offer pre roll tube labels that can be embellished by printing raised foil or varnish directly on the label. By investing in custom cannabis packaging, you can create shelf appeal that sets a standard for your brand and draws in the customer's attention.


At Gold Leaf Packaging, we off two types of pre-roll tube labels—roll and sheet.



Roll labels require a minimum order of 250 and can be applied using a machine—perfect for larger quantities. We can apply your labels for you so that when your tubes get to you they are ready for product. 


Or, for added shine, consider pre roll tube labels printed on sheets. This option allows our expert team to print your pre-roll tube label using the latest in digital print technology. This powerful combination gives us the capability of incorporating raised foil and varnish on your printed pieces—adding texture you can feel.



Gold Leaf Print & Packaging now offers Pre-Roll tubes, commonly known as Doob Tubes. Offered in multiple color options and with fast shipping, you can now order your tubes and have your labels applied before they arrive at your door.


If you don't currently have a pre-roll tube design or need help executing your vision, don't worry. We have a team of expert print designers on-staff and ready to help. Familiar with our technology, our designers can create packaging that incorporates our full capabilities—adding embellishments and draw in customers' attention.


If this sounds like a lot, don't worry. Our brand specialists are here to help. Simply fill out the form below, and one will reach out to assist. 

Pre-Roll Tube Label

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