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Create lip balm packaging that protects your product—keeping it in pristine condition until purchased by the consumer. Our featured lip balm box is designed to hold one standard size stick. Additionally, for easy in-store display, this cannabis packaging design is equipt with a hang tab.


As a popular product in the CBD community, it's important to help your brand stand out from similar merchandise. To help our client's craft the perfect cannabis brand, our lip balm box can also incorporate both our raised foil and varnish embellishment options. 



Needing help with a cannabis packaging design? Our award-winning team of designers is here to help create your next lip balm box.. From the cannabis packaging template to the branding and embellishments that will draw customers in, we're here to serve as your single-source solution.


Icing on the Cake

We proudly offer boxes that are produced in the USA. This helps cuts our customers costs by eliminating tariffs and decreasing turnaround time—often in as little as a couple weeks!


Lip Balm Box

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