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unique cannabis packaging


Through countless hours of hands-on work and research, our DigiLAB experts have mastered the most innovative techniques that will create unique cannabis packaging for your brand. Using our state-of-the-art MGI machine, we print raised foil and varnish directly on your print and packaging items—creating textures you can feel on the paper.

What's the difference? 

Most people have seen packaging or stationery with some form of foil embellishments. Usually, it's gold or silver and has been debossed using a method of hot foil stamping.  This method requires the purchase of a die and creates indentions on the reverse side of the page. Our foil embellishments use digital print technology to layer your foil embellishments on top of the paper—creating a unique cannabis packaging design that is difficult to replicate.

Working hand-in-hand with out raised foil is Raised Varnish. Raised varnish is similar to spot UV in that it accents elements of a printed piece to give it a bit of shine. However, one of the key ways it differs is our raised varnish is raised. This allows us to create textures and truly unique cannabis packaging options. Learn more about how raised varnish is better than spot UV in our blog.  

Our die-less technology opens up a world of possibilities for unique cannabis packaging—eliminating the need for foil dies and other associated tooling costs.


Now, you have the freedom to add foil embellishments to just about anything. 

See how these raised foil and varnish embellishments work together to create unique cannabis packaging in the video below. Using DaVinci software technology, we created 3D illustrations that give you a sample of how embellishments catch the light and people's eyes.


Get introduced to all of the standard color options by watching the video below. Don't see a color you want? Let's chat. Using our network of foil suppliers, we can find a match for you.

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A clear overprint varnish, applied only to specific areas of a printed piece, creates texture and visual interest on the page. These 3D raised effects are just one of the ways we bring your print to life.



iFOIL eliminates the need for films, dies, and makeready—allowing you to produce hot foil stamping and embossing without minimum orders. From magazine covers, books, brochures, and labels to invitations and packaging all eyes are on this foil.



Using the raised spot varnish and foil printing techniques, we help our customers open up a world of possibilities for their print and packaging. By applying this combined technique, you are sure to stand out from the competition.

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