Our Wax Pack is designed to hold various forms of concentrate products such as cannabis oil, shatter, and wax. This type of custom cannabis packaging protects hash oil and has enough space on the packaging for your branding and any legal requirements. These custom wax packs are printed by experts using the latest in print technology—giving our customers the choice of adding finishing options and embellishments.



Make your custom cannabis packaging pop and print with raised foil and jet varnish embellishments. Or, for a more deluxe result, use finishing laminates like soft touch on your wax pack to convey a sense of luxury and exclusivity for customers buying your product. 


If you already have a design created, our brand specialists are happy to work with you and bring that vision to life. However, if you need help designing packaging that resonates and draws the customer in, our team of designers is ready to help. 


Don't forget! Cannabis packaging isn't complete without a compliance label. Visit our legalization page to learn more about your state's requirements.



Our custom wax packs are printed in-house (in the U.S.). This premium cannabis packaging product requires no minimum order or tariffs. This method also gives our clients the competitive advantage of having quicker turnaround times than our competitors.


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