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Pre-rolls are quickly becoming one of the best selling items in the cannabis industry. By eliminating the hassle of grinding, measuring, and rolling, farms offering pre-rolls give customers the luxury of convenience.



For single-joint offerings, our pre-roll tubes, or Doob Tubes, are a popular option. Due to its ability to be resealed, keep the product fresh and protected, plus be reused Doob Tubes are a great option for your pre-rolls.  


Branded labels can be used to customize your pre-roll tubes. Labels can be applied in-house so that when you receive your order all you have left to do is add your product.


Our tubes are CR certified and multiple color options are available. Our tubes come in .5-1 gram sizes.


Multiple Joints

If offering pre-rolls in packs of two or more, our box solution can be customized to fit any number. Learn more on our pre-roll box or custom packaging pages.



There are two printing options for pre-roll tubes. First, is a roll label. This method can be applied by us using a machine for precise placement every time.


The second option is sheet labels. These labels can be printed digitally using our state-of-the-art MGI machine. And, when combined with our staff's years of industry expertise, can incorporate raised foil and varnish textures that you can feel—making your brand stand out from the competition.


If you already have a label design, our brand specialists will be happy to help you bring that vision to life. However, if you need help executing your vision, our on-staff designers are here to help. As experts in print design, and familiar with our technology, our designers create packaging that incorporates embellishments and draws in customers' attention.


If this sounds like a lot, don't worry. Our brand specialists are here to help. Simply fill out the form below, and one will reach out to assist. 

Pre-Roll Tubes

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