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Grove Bags have created a cannabis film that is truly first of its kind: Terploc™. When it comes to the business of cannabis, every single gram matters and if your product isn't stored properly your margins shrink dramatically. Unlike competitors, Grove Bags Terploc™ packaging has been custom designed around the unique properties of the cannabis plant in order to create the most effective packaging available in the industry. The bags combine active humidity control with antimicrobial properties to maintain low oxygen levels to form the perfect "cannabis climate."



As a single-source solution, we are here to help you obtain these state-of-the-art bags and also make sure that they fit into your current brand. We can print labels with your already established design, or our award-winning designers can help bring your vision to life. Grove Bags have many customizable options that help your product stand out.


Icing on the Cake

Grove Bags are created using a zero-waste manufacturing process, use soy and vegan inks, as well as other environmentally-conscious practices. Ordering through Gold Leaf allows us to be your one-stop-shop when it comes to your print and packaging needs. We can provide you with bags, labels, promotional items, and more. And, as always, we use USA made products which mean no terrifs and quicker turn around time than our competitors. 

Grove Bags

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