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Trade Show Essentials

It is finally happening! Conferences and trade shows are back in full force and showing up on event calendars. That means that all of us in the CBD and cannabis industries will soon be able to gather in person once again. We are so excited! Without these industry-wide events, we would not be able to make personal connections with all of you, which makes us be the best we can be as a premium packaging company.

While participating in trade shows and conferences is fun, and a great way to grow your brand awareness, it takes a lot of time to execute the perfect booth that accurately represents who you are as a company. Having the right partner to help you get ready for your first post-pandemic show is imperative. Here are some tips to think about when you are planning out your space.

Trade Show Booths

Location, location, location! Knowing where your booth will be set up is key when planning on how best for your brand to stand out in high-traffic settings and make a lasting impression on attendees. If your booth is in the middle of a large expo your signage will need to be different than if you are placed in the back corner of the venue. Using the latest in digital print technology, our team of experts and award-winning designers will help you choose the right signage for your space.

Trade Show Table Covers and Displays

There are so many ways for your booth to become the center of attention, including retractable banners, bright table covers, tabletop displays, bold vinyl banners, and custom promotional and trade show supplies. We’ll help create a consistent look with the best materials so you can focus on the reason you are there in the first place – interacting with the cannabis and CBD industry and building lasting connections.

Award-Winning Designs

Who you are and what you do are the two major components of sharing your brand story. Make sure your story is told consistently across all your touchpoints (trade show supplies, promo items, marketing collateral, etc), and making it look great needs to be a top priority. We believe in the power of graphic design, and our award-winning designers are always up to date on the latest design trends. They are ready to work hard to craft eye-catching images that invoke emotions, communicate key messages, and resonate with your customers.

At Gold Leaf Print & Packaging, we create stunning experiences through our trade show displays and promotional items. Our goal is to help you create an experience that makes a memorable and lasting impression with your customers. All our printing is done in the USA, meaning no tariffs and quick turnaround times. Send us an email at, give us a call at 844.226.4653, or hit us up on Instagram @GoldLeafPackaging to get started.



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