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Investing in Your Custom Vape Cartridge Packaging

Sometimes, when facing decisions about investing in your brand, people think about big picture items like equipment, software, people, or even the building you’re operating out of. However, even among all the big things it takes to run a business, it can often be the little things that gain and maintain customers.

Investing in your brand also means investing in your vape pen packaging. And here’s why…

Peace of Mind

With the recent scares hitting the vape pen industry, more consumers are becoming hesitant of purchasing cartridges from black market or even some lower-tier cannabis companies. To help give your customers peace of mind, choose vape pen packaging that resonates with quality, standards, and integrity.

Shelf Appeal

What your vape cartridge packaging looks like on the shelf has more impact than people might realize. In our case study with RIZE Concentrates, we discuss how brands have 27 seconds to grab the customers attention. When applied specifically to the cannabis industry, think about what you see when you walk into a dispensary.

Does it look like a supermarket? Or is it controlled lighting and glass cases?

Majority of the time, dispensary lighting is going to be used as a spotlight on the product’s packaging. This, when used strategically, can give our clients a competitive advantage.

With our state-of-the-art digital print technology, we create packaging with raised foil and varnish. Not only do these embellishments catch people’s eye, but with its raised texture, it can be felt and truly experienced by the customer. Now, when dispensary lights hit the foil, it creates a glisten that entices them to learn more.

Reduces Plastic

Today’s consumer shops differently than they did 50, 10, or even 5 years ago. It’s a long-standing fact that most people choose brands that represent them. And, with information at our fingertips and media exposing the harmful side-effects of plastic packaging, people turn to brands who take a corporate stand against the problem.

For example, many Black Friday shoppers wait hours outside stores like Walmart and Target—often in freezing temperatures and even on Thanksgiving Day. In recent times, people have taken to social media to shine a light on the contradictory nature of Black Friday. So, to take a stand, REI (a brand well known for outdoor gear), created their #OptOutside campaign. Through this campaign, REI promoted the fact they were not going to be participating in Black Friday, but rather they urge shoppers to enjoy the great outdoors.

This campaign was wildly successful.

Why? Because REI knows their target audience and resonates with them.

If your cannabis or CBD brand knows your target audience and sustainability plays a role in that, we can help. During your communication with one of our dedicated account executives, be sure to tell them you’re interested in paper that has either been recycled and/or can be recycled after use.

While many of our clients who choose a natural look to their packaging opt for no embellishments, we do remind our raised foil and varnish customers that even our vape pen packaging that has been printed on, can be recycled.

By choosing a vape pen packaging box, you are eliminating a plastic alternative from being created. Even better? You can use this to promote and resonate with your customer—showing them you care about your brand’s social responsibility.

To get started, use the contact us button at the top of the page and we will assign you to your own representative.



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