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Creative Uses for Cannabis Labels

Updated: Feb 12

Many people in competitive markets, such as cannabis, understand the importance of curating their brand through packaging. From concentrate to tincture boxes, there are several ways to make your product stand out on the shelf.

But what about if your brand doesn’t have boxes? Or maybe you’re looking for ways to create the ultimate brand experience?

Regardless of the situation, if your product comes in a bag, jar, box, tube, canister, bottle, vile, or pack, we’ve got four creative ways you can incorporate labels in your next job.

1) Round Jar Labels

Most people already know pre roll tubes and jars are two of the most common places to use cannabis labels. With their blank exterior, a label that stretches all the way around gives you the biggest bang for your buck. But, what we want to show you, are branding techniques (utilizing labels) that you might not have considered—and can have just as big as an impact.

Whether your jar is in a flower jar box or exterior concentrate packaging, the top of the lid is the last impression your brand will have before customers experience the product. Make sure they get one last look at your logo before they partake in their most recent purchase.


The round jar label also helps your brand capture the impressions of onlookers as people in the general area of the product will be able to see your logo without having to examine the details.

How does this work in action?

Say Bryan buys an eighth of XYZ brand flower at the dispensary. That night, he has a few friends over to watch the game. Sitting on the counter is the new flower container with a round jar label placed on top. Even if the product goes untouched the whole night, Bryan’s friends can see his brand of choice, XYZ. This “impression” could help persuade one of his friends that were at the party next time they are choosing a new product to try—recalling the time they saw their friend make the same purchase.

The next way to incorporate cannabis labels on your jars also helps keep the customer safe and grant them peace-of-mind.

2) Tamper Proof Labels

Any products being ingested by a customer come with some degree of skepticism.

Has someone touched this? Is this laced with something? Is the correct product in this container?

This skepticism can turn into hesitancy to make a purchase when a package does not contain a barrier between the person and the product.


With our tamper-proof labels, your customers will be able to see if any evidence of altering has occurred. Before leaving the farm or lab, place a tamper-proof label on the lid and side of the jar. This step ensures the label must be broken to open the packaging—giving customers a clear indication to report the jar to a store employee and choose one without any defects or flaws.

And, while tamper-proof labels are more commonly found on jars, some containers might be too small for this to be practical. If this is the case, here is where an exterior box packaging comes in handy. To secure the box shut, simply place half the tamper-proof label on the top lid and the second half on the front panel.

Tamper-proof labels are a small, yet effective way to show your customers you care about their health and the integrity of your products.

For pre-rolls, tamper-proof labels can be adjusted to fit along the sides of the container (like what’s shown below for Lowell Herb Co.)—creating dual-purpose pre roll labels. Pre roll labels can be designed to fit all legal and product information, as well as branding. For assistance designing your pre roll labels, work with one of our award-winning designers!

Editor’s Note: While this is a capability we offer, GoldLeaf Print & Packaging does not work with Lowell Smokes and does not own rights to this photo. Example purposes only—visit the source.

3) Strain Identifier

For multi-purposes boxes, cannabis labels can serve as a great way to distinguish contents or different strains. Take these boxes we did for Phantom Farms, for example, each of the vape cartridges (regardless of flavor) will be able to fit in these boxes. By creating a space where the product label fits within the packaging design, you can order larger quantities of a standardized box (saving you money) and customize based on what strain flavors are on-hand or ready to hit store shelves.


4) Eliminate the Complications of Printing on Plastic

cannabis label placed on mylar bag

Mylar Bags

Let’s face it; mylar bags can be tricky in the cannabis space. To get them cost efficiently, most vendors are overseas. However, to get these purchases to the USA, tariffs are added—totaling up to 30% of the purchase price. And that’s only IF customs allow it through. Before purchasing “cheap” packaging, consider the three things in this blog.

But let’s get back to how you can use labels, printed in the USA, on mylar bags.

Using a flat sheet label, we can create cannabis labels with raised foil and varnish embellishments (without the need for foil dies). Additionally, we can incorporate a cut-out window within the label that gives shoppers a sneak peek into the bag.

As one large label, we can include logos, product information, compliance requirements, and more! Then, after the bag labels have been printed, remove the backing and place directly on the mylar or child-resistant bag.


Exit Bags

If you’re on the dispensary side, let people know the best place to purchase cannabis. Our cannabis labels can be applied to exit bags with your branding. So, when customers leave, they are walking billboards for your store. And, since exit bags can be reused, it’s an investment that can be enjoyed for months (or even years) to come.

Creating Flexibility in a Changing Market

With the constant regulation changes, investing in high-quality packaging might seem like a risk. But, with the peace of mind our label services give clients, you can rest assured your labels will be printed in the USA—with quick turnaround times and no additional tariffs. So when something changes, you can act fact by adding a label to your bag, box, jar, or whatever it may be.

If you’ve got an innovative idea, but don’t know how you’re going to execute it, give us a call! Our cannabis packaging experts are here to help. Using digital print technology, we create cannabis packaging made in the USA (no tariffs), with low minimum order quantities, and no additional dies for foil printing.



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