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COVID-19 in the Cannabis Community

We are currently navigating a mostly unknown and unpredictable landscape. With new information coming out daily about COVID-19, it can be an uncertain and worrisome time. With more and more businesses having to close or implement a remote work plan, many dispensaries are facing an unknown future. However, in the last couple of weeks, many local and state officials have deemed medical marijuana dispensaries an essential business, allowing them to remain open. Some dispensaries have moved to curbside/drive-through only, while others operate as usual but with new social distancing policies in place.

This is great news! Not just for the business owners and customers but suppliers as well. With that being said - products are continuing to sell to consumers, and cannabis retailers are even seeing an increase in sales. What does this mean for your business? That now is the time to make sure that your company has the proper tools to continue providing product! Depending on what area of the cannabis industry you operate within, we’ve developed a few ideas to help you prepare for the shift in business operations.


If you are a dispensary, are you equipped to operate in a new manner?

For curbside orders or pick-ups, consider creating “menu’s” of your product so that customers can still browse your inventory. Having take-a-way menus is also a great option for someone who may not have been a frequent shopper before now. Having these resources allows your customers to study your products in preparation for their next visit.

Remember to have signage that can be easily spotted by the public informing them that you are open! With your web address and contact information featured prominently, this allows the consumer to easily reach out should they have any questions. Signage can also be used to direct traffic for drive-through and curbside pick-up options. Maybe your parking lot is shared. Or you are reserving spots for pick-up. You may even have designated entrance and exit points to keep traffic moving. Either way, yard signs and A-Frame signage are a perfect option for getting your business noticed as they are more cost-effective and durable!


Do you have the proper inventory for packaging, compliance labels, and everything else that is needed to sell your product?

If you are getting your packaging from overseas, then you may be experiencing delays in shipment deliveries. Or maybe your current printer is working with limited staff or has temporarily closed due to state orders. With cannabis sales continuing to rise, making sure that you have the proper supply of packaging materials is key to continue providing your product to dispensaries.

You may be in great shape and have plenty of packaging, labels/stickers, and signage, but now is the time to be proactive. With the cannabis industry being deemed as an essential service, there will ultimately be changes within the industry, which means that now is a perfect time to review your current packaging. Are there ways to improve? Are you wanting to move to a more environmentally friendly packaging? Or maybe you would like to incorporate new design elements to help your product stand out on shelves. Use this time to check out industry trends and review our previous blog posts like 5 Things to do for Your Cannabis Brand in 2020 or How to Automate Your Compliance Label Process and start thinking about what your next step is. You can check out all of our past blog posts from the Leaflet here.

In order to come through this difficult time, you must make sure that you are continuing to promote your brand, making strides to stand out from the competition, and to continue to produce a superior product. Keep in mind the question, “What will the landscape look like when this is all over?” Evaluate your business and take the steps to ensure that you are still standing strong once we reach the other side.

The most important thing right now is to make sure that we all do our part to support each other and keep everyone safe and healthy. Taking the proper precautions of social distancing, frequently washing your hands, and properly sanitizing public areas is vital. GoldLeaf Print & Packaging is taking all these steps – allowing us to remain open and operational. We know how important quality and timely production is during the current circumstances and we are here to help! When you are ready to start your next project, reach out at

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