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Concentrate Packaging That Gets Noticed

Concentrates may come in small packaging, but that just means a little goes a long way. From extraction to sale, your brand needs concentration packaging that captures your customers' attention in dispensaries. You put a lot into your high-end cannabis concentrates and your packaging should reflect that (literally, think holographic foil!)

Premium cannabis and marijuana packaging not only helps increase your sales but also enhances your brand recognition while emphasizing the quality of the concentrates and extracts inside.

So why concentrate on your concentrate packaging? Concentrate sales are on the rise (last year alone they increased by 40%m according to Headset, a Seattle-based data analytics firm), reaching almost $800 million. Whether your creating wax, live resin, shatter, sugar, distillate, extracts...or any other marijuana concentrates, we have the perfect way to pack it up for you.

Standard Boxes

We have over 20+ dies in-house to fit a variety of jar sizes.


Foil and varnish embellishments can be added without costly dies to almost any packaging option.

Custom Packaging

Looking for something different? We specialize in custom packaging and can help bring your ideas to life.

Are you ready to see more products on shelves and new technologies emerge in this area? Reach out and let us know on our social media channels!

Looking for packaging solutions for your concentrate and other cannabis products? Contact us at or give us a call at 844.226.4653.



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