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Move over Napa Valley - Cannabis Country is moving in

Updated: May 7, 2021

Cannabis tasting
Could this be the future of cannabis tasting?

Many environmental factors such as soil and rain can affect the flavor and taste of produce grown in specific areas. Wine from Napa Valley California has subtle differences from wine made from the grapes grown in Sonoma. Soon, thanks to a bill signed by Governor Gavin Newsom in September, cannabis products can claim their origin similar to how winemakers do.

MJBizDaily - Such designations can help smaller growers distinguish their cannabis[...] The designation of origin will be especially useful in the event of federal cannabis legalization – as well as if and when cannabis growers are allowed to ship products nationwide.
“Having the ability to show people the fingerprint of the place is helpful for us,” said Drew Barber, owner of East Mill Creek Farms in Humboldt County.

Beyond allowing cannabis experts to discover and enjoy the subtle differences in their herb from various areas, products that qualify to be labeled by region are also grown in a more eco-friendly way resulting in a much smaller carbon footprint. This also opens the door for more meaningful storytelling in cannabis marketing. Creating an emotional tie with consumers through storytelling is a major component of an effective marketing campaign. Consumers will now be able to know exactly where their cannabis was grown, the exact weather conditions it survived, and how long it has been produced in that area.

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Other West Coast states will likely follow this trend and create their own region-specific laws.

Could cannabis field tours become the next winery vacation destination? Will Cannabis sommeliers travel from all over the country to try the newest harvest? Are buses full of bachelorette/bachelor and birthday parties destined to descend on grow fields in hopes of spending the day trying the different strains? This definitely has the potential to bring a new audience and new revenue to the cannabis industry.

Would you travel to do a cannabis tasting? What do you think of this new opportunity? Reach out to us on social media and let us know!

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