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How to Automate Your Compliance Label Process

Updated: Apr 12, 2019

With different packaging regulations in each state, with their own hodgepodge of guidelines for packaging and labeling, growers and farmers dedicate a lot of time and resources to following state regulations. One of the most notorious being, the compliance label.

A consistent practice between all of the legal states is that each batch, of each strain, is sent to a testing lab for analysis. After the lab results come back, cannabis companies have to create, print, and affix a label listing the percentage of THC and CBD to each package.

Undoubtedly, this process, if goes unmanaged, can clash with one of the most fundamental principals in business: time is money.

So, when businesses are looking for solutions to help them streamline their processes, three of the biggest considerations are:

1) How much will this cost?

2) What pain points or needs does this solve?

3) Does this save me time and/or money?

Since farms aren’t allowed to sell a specific batch while the sample is out for testing, the product sits in inventory. Add to that the time it takes to design or create the new label with the test results, find or contact your printer, receive a quote, approve a proof, produce, ship, and arrive to your door—the whole process could take anywhere between 2-3 weeks.

When you opt to automate your compliance label process, you can take the information you receive from the lab and input it directly to our DigiFLO portal. From here you can generate a proof, accept and process your order within minutes—receiving your professional cannabis compliance labels in as little as 5 business days.

Asset Management Platform DigiFLO helps Automate the Compliance Label Process

Even better, our DigiFLO asset management system was designed to be a service to our loyal customers. The result? A highly customizable solution that doesn’t break the bank, saving you time and money. And, while these savings are a few of our client’s reasons to automate, you get the added benefits of consistency, quality, and organization.

How does this process start?

First, reach out via phone or email and we will connect you with a brand specialist. Your dedicated representative will work with you one-on-one to gain a better understanding of your business model and product offerings.

Once this step is complete, we will walk you through our DigiFLO agreement (MAMS). We recommend you read over it and make any edits you deem necessary as the contract period will last for one-year.

After it’s been signed, congratulations—you’re a part of the Gold Leaf Packaging family!

Now it’s time to customize.

Using the information gathered during the MAMS process and the brand specialist, our portal guru’s will build your customized storefront. With category headings that drill down to specific products, and those products having a limitless number of customized fields, we can create endless possibilities for your cannabis compliance labels.

To see how this works in action, watch the video below!

*Important Note: DigiFLO is the hub for all of our operations.

Looking to apply this same principle to your packaging? DigiFLO can support it.

Needing to buy larger quantities and have them stored and fulfilled on an as-needed basis? We manage all of that too.



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