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6 Powerful Ways DigiFLO™ Can Streamline Your MSO Operation

Updated: May 23

Introduction to MSOs

In the dynamic landscape of the cannabis industry, multi-state operators (MSOs) are driving significant change. Unlike newcomers, these established entities have expanded their operations across multiple states, leveraging their expertise, scale, and resources. By operating in diverse markets, MSOs navigate intricate regulatory frameworks and seize opportunities across a broader geographic footprint.

What is a Multi-state Operator (MSO)?

A multi-state operator (MSO) is a cannabis business that has successfully scaled its operations across multiple states. These entities engage in various segments of the cannabis supply chain, encompassing cultivation, processing, distribution, and retail. By spanning different regions, MSOs develop integrated business models that capitalize on economies of scale and broader market access.

Operating as an MSO demands substantial investments, stringent compliance measures, and a nuanced understanding of state-specific regulations. These operators must remain agile, staying abreast of evolving laws, fostering robust compliance protocols, and adapting to the unique characteristics of each local market.

Common Challenges Faced by MSOs

Operating a cannabis business across multiple states presents a spectrum of challenges:

  • State-Specific Regulations: Each state imposes distinct laws governing various aspects of the cannabis industry, from cultivation to sales.

  • Compliance Complexity: MSOs must navigate a maze of compliance requirements, covering licensing, tracking, security, testing, labeling, and advertising, which vary across jurisdictions.

  • Operational Scalability: Expanding operations necessitates meticulous planning, establishing robust supply chains, and tailoring strategies to suit diverse market conditions.

  • Local Market Knowledge: Understanding the nuanced preferences and regulations of each state's market is essential for MSOs to effectively cater to consumer demand.

  • Financial and Banking Limitations: Despite legalization in many states, federal regulations classify cannabis as a controlled substance, posing challenges in accessing traditional banking services.

Overcoming these hurdles demands strategic foresight, operational excellence, and a commitment to compliance and adaptability. DigiFLO™ offers a transformative solution to address these challenges head-on.

How DigiFLO™ Empowers MSOs

Centralized Management Across States

DigiFLO™ simplifies the management of marketing assets across multiple states. This centralized digital platform houses all marketing and print collateral, facilitating seamless access for your team, regardless of location. 

Whether it's brochures, business cards, packaging, or promotional items, DigiFLO™ ensures everything is conveniently available in one unified platform.

Ensuring Brand Consistency

Brand consistency is paramount for MSOs, and DigiFLO™ ensures uniformity across all locations. The platform grants control over which materials are accessible and to whom, guaranteeing the use of properly branded assets. Customization features empower MSOs to maintain a cohesive brand image across diverse markets.

Cost-Effective Bulk Ordering and Storage

DigiFLO™ enables MSOs to optimize costs through bulk ordering while minimizing storage complexities. By leveraging bulk purchasing benefits without the burden of storage, MSOs can efficiently manage inventory and streamline logistics. Materials can be delivered directly to where they're needed, enhancing operational efficiency.

Detailed Reporting and Analytics

Understanding the efficacy of marketing materials is paramount, and DigiFLO™ provides comprehensive reporting and analytics. MSOs gain insights into material orders, usage patterns, and user activity, empowering data-driven decision-making. This enables MSOs to evaluate collateral effectiveness, refine strategies, and optimize resource allocation.

Customized User Management

Managing a diverse team across multiple states necessitates flexible user management, and DigiFLO™ delivers precisely that. With customizable access levels, from basic users to super users, MSOs can tailor permissions to align with organizational needs. This ensures security, control, and seamless collaboration across the organization.

Real-Time Access and Convenience

In an era of remote work, real-time access to marketing materials is indispensable. DigiFLO™ offers a secure, web-based platform accessible 24/7 from any device, ensuring team members can access resources on demand. This fosters agility and efficiency, empowering MSOs to adapt swiftly to market dynamics.

Trusted by Leading Brands

DigiFLO™ has earned the trust of prominent cannabis brands, including Royale, Simply Herb & Ozone, in-house brands of Ascend Wellness, as well as Good Day Farm.

  • Ascend Wellness: Ascend Wellness relies on DigiFLO™ to streamline marketing operations across their multiple brands, Royale, Ozone, Common Goods and Simply Herb, encompassing over 1,000 product SKUs across multiple states.

  • Good Day Farm: Good Day Farm harnesses the power of DigiFLO™ to manage its extensive product portfolio, comprising 439 SKUs across multiple states.

DigiFLO™ is more than a digital platform; it's a comprehensive solution tailored to the unique needs of MSOs in the cannabis industry. By centralizing marketing assets, ensuring brand consistency, and providing detailed reporting and user management, DigiFLO™ empowers MSOs to streamline operations and drive growth.

Contact GoldLeaf Print and Packaging today to schedule a free demo and discover how DigiFLO™ can revolutionize your marketing efforts and propel your MSO to new heights in the cannabis industry.


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