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Tincture Packaging

As one of the most popular forms of smokeless cannabis, tinctures are sold in glass containers. However, to meet compliance standards and protect them on store shelves, your tincture packaging isn't complete until you have a tincture bottle label and tincture box packaging. 

Once on the store shelves, tincture packaging serves as the primary advocate for your product and has three important jobs.

1) Protect the glass dropper bottle

2) Display any legal or compliance requirements

3) Build a connection with potential customers

So why not make your tincture packaging work for you? Each one of our tincture packaging options can be customized to incorporate your brand's logo, colors, and design. 

To learn more about each type of tincture packaging we offer, simply click the image below. If you don't see something that would work for your tincture bottle, our custom cannabis packaging option is perfect for you. 

All our box packaging is produced here, in the USA. We proudly offer clients tincture packaging that is free of tariffs and can be produced with quicker turnaround times than our competitors.

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