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Take your packaging from LACKLUSTER to LUXURIOUS

With two kinds of child-proof mechanisms, a wide variety of box sizes, and customizable inserts… the possibilities for you and your business are endless!

Why are we the crème de la crème of
child-resistant packaging?


Premier & Economical Coatings, Foils & Varnishes


CPSC Certified Child-Resistant Packaging


Customizable Paper & Foam Inserts


A Variety of Box Sizes for Any & All Needs

At Goldleaf, we put simplicity, accuracy, and gratification above all else. From our wealth of experience working with cannabis and hemp brands internationally, we’ve developed a superb agency with state-of-the-art technology. All of our products are digitally printed for reliable precision and, because there are no plate charges, cost-effectiveness! With a fast turnaround time and an in-house design department to assist you, together we can create packaging to blow your competition out of the water.


Our boxes feature two patent-pending childproof mechanisms that only take about 30 to 45 seconds to assemble. They can hold almost anything your company requires, including joints, vapes, concentrate drams, edibles, inhalers… you name it! And don’t be shy to explore our economical options for varnishes, foils, coatings, and paper options to really help your brand stand out on shelves. Moreover, all of our amazing, first-class products are created entirely in the USA!


Two Elite CR packaging options


  • This box comes in two pieces, with assembly required or we can ship assembled and ready to use.

  • Enjoy economically sound options for varnishes and foils.

  • We have matte, gloss, and velvet touch coatings available for an additionally opulent appearance.

  • The finished box is stiff and rigid, giving your product a more lavish, expensive feel.

  • We can create this box using hemp paper, for the ecological warrior in you!

  • Inserts are available in both paper and foam, to best suit your needs.

  • Full assembly time is within a minute.

  • You will benefit from a large design space that will make your product more impactful on the shelf.

  • See below for videos to assist your assembly & for images of customer examples!


  • This box comes in two pieces, but assembly is only required for the insert box!

  • The rigidity of the final box provides a luxuriant sophistication to your product.

  • Inserts are available in both paper and foam, to best suit your needs.

  • For those who want to give Mother Earth some love, this box can be created using hemp paper.

  • Explore our sensibly inexpensive options for varnishes and foils!

  • To add even more grandeur to your products appearance, we can provide matte, gloss, and velvet touch coatings.

  • Enjoy a large design space to help your product stand out even more on the shelf.

  • 1000 piece minimum order

  • Scroll down for assembly videos & examples from our happy customers!

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