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Promotional Products

Turn your customers into brand advocates with promotional products. When choosing the right cannabis promotional products, you first need to consider your target audience. Then, make sure your cannabis promotional product is representative of your brand. 

Making sure you choose the right cannabis promotional product can be harder than it sounds. That's why it can be helpful to have a cannabis packaging company on your side.


From silicone pipes to lighters and grinders, we have a variety of cannabis promotional products that can be customized to include your logo and colors! Plus, as a licensed ASI reseller, we have access to over 15,000 traditional promotional product options such as t-shirts, pens, bags, and more!

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marketing materials

Whether you're a dispensary providing information about the effects of cannabis or a farm supplying strain details, marketing materials are a part of doing business. Make sure your cannabis marketing remains consistent across all touchpoints with the customer. 

We understand there are a lot of components to cannabis marketing. That's why our team of account executives and graphic designers is here to help. From catalogs and business cards to notepads and direct mail pieces, our clients can rest assured their brand standards are being met every time.


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