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Cannabis Labels

Once you've secured jars, tincture bottles, and tubes, it's time to purchase cannabis labels. 

Each label on your product serves a different purpose. Some, such as compliances labels, will be mandated by each state and display legal information, warnings, and product contents. Other cannabis labels will display your logo, colors, and design, to help attract customers and raise awareness for your brand. Lastly, cannabis labels such as authentication, tamper proof, and tamper detectable labels, serve their purpose as a visual cue to customers if a product has been opened after leaving your facility. 

Our cannabis labels have two main types and, within each type, can be customized with a variety of finishing and embellishment options.

Roll Labels- Roll labels can be machine applied have must be ordered with a minimum of 250 labels. If you're looking to apply labels in bulk, this option is perfect for you. 

Sheet Labels- Cannabis labels printed on sheets must be applied by hand. Since this method printed the labels flat, they can also incorporate our raised foil and varnish technology.

See more details by clicking one of the cannabis label options below.

marijuana stickers

Our marijuana stickers are the perfect way to promote your brand's logo or tagline. Click the photo below to learn how marijuana stickers can turn your customers into brand advocates. 

All our box packaging is produced here, in the USA. We proudly offer clients concentrate packaging that is free of tariffs and can be produced with quicker turnaround times than our competitors.

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